A Guide to Dating and Identifying
Boy Scout of America
Badges, Uniforms and Insignia (3rd Edition)

Book Corrections and Additions as of March 23, 2012

As with any project this size, errors and omissions can slip by me and my staff of 6 great volunteer editors. I would like to thank the following people for pointing out the corrections / additions listed below: Michael Brown, Ogden Lamont, Daniel Napoliello, Robert Rodgers, Russell Smart and Gary Twite.


Correction / Addition

4 Change ALPHA PHI OMEGA (APO) dates to "1925 - current"
23 Change 1922 - 1932 "Leaders Wide brim felt campaign hat - High Crown" to read "Leaders Wide brim felt campaign hat - Low Crown".
27 Change date on "Brass buckle with First Class emblem on front" to late 1940's - 1950's.

Change date on "Brass buckle with Tenderfoot emblem on front" to late 1950's - 1980.

47 Change "EXPLORERS B.S.A." red letters on dark green to brown letters on dark green

Change "EXPLORERS" red letters on dark green to brown letters on dark green

48 Add Note under Orange Nylon Jacket to 1984 - current
  (the 2000 equipment catalog shows the jacket as red not orange, but it is 
     unknown if it was actually made that way.)

Add "Red Nylon Jacket ..... 2000 

Add Note: "From 1977 - 1980, Varsity Scouting was tested in a few councils in the Western Region. Early uniforms, similar to those used in the 1980 - 1984 Experimental program may have been created."

53 Under Second Class

Change "Khaki cut edge - coarse (7B)" to read "Khaki cut edge fine twill (7B)"

Add "Khaki cut edge - coarse twill (7A) ..... 1955 - 1964"

77 Change date on Hiking (Shoe Print) to "1921 - 1969"
90 Change "Explorer Gold Award" to read "Explorer G.O.L.D. Award"
91 Change "VENTURING G.O.L.D." to read "VENTURING GOLD"
97 Change "Law Explorer Proficiency Ribbons" to "Law Enforcement Explorer Proficiency Ribbons"

Add "Note: These ribbon bars are still available as part of the Learning for Life program"

98 Change "Varsity / Venture Logo Patch" to "Varsity Logo Patch"
102 Change dates on EMERGENCY SERVICE Armband - Explorer "E on line" design to 1992 - 1993.
123 Change dates on Exploring Key "E on line" design to 1990 - 1998.

Change dates on Exploring Training Award "E on line" design to 1990 - 1998.

128 Change "Gold Award" to read "G.O.L.D. Award" and change date to read "1954 - 1999"
129 Add "SILVER AWARD - Silver knot on green / white with silver mylar border ..... 2000 - current"

Change date on VENTURING ADVISOR AWARD OF MERIT to 1998 - current

134 Add "Service stars changed from screw-back to clutch-back and the backing changed from felt to plastic in late 1940’s. "
160 Change Field Executive / District Executive to read: "Gold wreath / Silver outline on First Class / gold eagle"


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