The History of the Connecticut Rivers Council
Boy Scout of America --- 1910 - 2005

Book Corrections and Additions as of March 23, 2012

As with any project this size, errors and omissions can slip by me and my staff of 6 great volunteer editors. Should you see any other errors, please notify me so I can list them here.


Correction / Addition

78 In first paragraph, change Norwalk to Norfolk
80 Change council years to Nathan Hale Council 1967 - 1972

Add Long Rivers Council 1972 - 1975
180 1975 - Morten A Gundersen listed twice.

1978 The correct spelling should be Hugo S. Di Federico

1979 The correct spelling should be Romas P. Pakalnis
  Add the following info

Troop 277
Ray Marineau (SM)
John Stone (ASM)
Joe Rumsdell (ASM)
Charles Anthes (ASM)

Troop 278
Bill Sylvester (SM)
Ed Pailes (ASM)
Dave Kenyon (ASM)
John Coyles (ASM)

200 Troop 405 - ITC  ASM was Jim Cunningham, not John Stone.


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